Mar 23, 2020

2 min read

Trident’s Mission Statement

Hello we’re Trident and we’re excited to introduce ourselves.

Since 2017, we have been building a unique private equity firm that offers a true institutional partner to the growing universe of talented and driven Independent Sponsors.

We strive to be the ideal capital partner by investing equity capital while letting Sponsors maintain control over businesses, giving them fair economics, and strategic support as needed.

We don’t want to take over your deal, give you a broker free, and send you on your way. We don’t want to endanger a business using high leverage or onerous controls. Our goal is simply to align incentives and invest capital with an aim to grow a strong and robust business alongside you. Your success is our success and we make sure fees and profit interests are structured to underscore that.

Through seven investments we have seen that Independent Sponsor-led deals are a unique opportunity to generate alpha and we’re excited to continue to put money to work in this space.

Who is an Independent Sponsor? Any individual or firm who has sourced a compelling business opportunity that they are looking to buy, grow, and exit.

What we invest in? Businesses with a clear value proposition; positive cash-flows; defensible market position; stable / predictable revenue streams; established business history.

Who is Trident? The Trident team is made up of investment professionals who recognize that a lack of institutional equity investment in Independent Sponsors creates a substantial market opportunity.

If you have a unique investment opportunity we want to meet you. Go to to learn more and request to join our platform.

We’re open for business and ready to back you.